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Why YOU should book a session with an erotic photographer at Julia Winter Studio:

  • Great Understanding of What Her Clients WANT
  • Over 15 Years of Experience In Adult Business
  • Creative & Artistic approach To Every Adult Project
  • Best Price in London
  • Photoshoot with Sexy Models Available
erotic photographer -couples boudoir
explicit photoshoot, couples nude by erotic photographer

communication is the key to erotic photography!

Many of my clients have self-doubts or are shy to even talk about doing an erotic photoshoot, being naked, creating sex scenes and also go deeper with their naughty fantasies. Mixed emotions make them uneasy about doing erotic, explicit type of photography session.

Some clients have tried an erotic photoshoot experience with other photographers. But they always complain that something was missing, and say that it was “just OK” and that it didn’t leave a big impression. Also some clients have told me terrible stories about their experiences, which give a bad reputation for erotic photographers in adult field.

Trust me,- not everyone is able to do this job well!! It’s a challenge to stay focused and have a very objective artistic approach to erotic photography.

Julia Winter has been in the adult business since 2005. Before she started working as an erotic photographer she was in the medical profession. This allowed her to learn everything she needed about the human body and psychological. Some issues that people face when doing something challenging like nude and explicit shoot the first time ever.

She helps to overcome inner blocks and a sense of insecurity and shame by presenting deep knowledge, combined with her passion for photography.

couples boudoir explicit photoshoot by erotic photographer

Erotic Photoshoot in Process

A lot of my clients tell me, they think I’m very lucky to be doing this job as an erotic photographer. They think that I photograph people naked to have fun and maybe join them for sexual adventures, that this gives me some sort of a thrill or ecstasy.

In reality, I never have time to think about having fun on the set with my clients during the photoshoot. I need to deliver amazing results on image and video. The goal is to cover many aspects like focus on image style, concept and framing, pose the client, make sure the lighting is correct, suggest outfits and props, check the background and direct them.

All the time have to ensure, that the final images look great, as well as make sure that the client has fun in my studio during the process of shooting the project.

Expertise and Technical Skills as an Erotic photographer

There is no degree to make you a qualified erotic photographer!

Any photographer that enters the adult field is doing it from their own experience or manner and understanding of erotic directory.

The base for erotic vision came from a mixture of degrees. Chef’s degree made me a bossy lady, directing and experimenting, cooking hot stuff in my studio. A medical degree turned the camera into a therapeutic tool, helping people to set their feelings and fantasies free.

explicit nude couples photoshoot by erotic photographer

Therefore a photography degree developed skills and artistic creativity with studio lights, and it grew stronger with the experience of making various adult projects, like escort modeling or fetish and BDSM photoshoots and other fantasy projects with clients.

That is why I consider myself a professional and one of the best people you could trust in taking your photos and fulfilling your fantasies.

Boudoir Photoshoot In London

Boudoir shoots are the perfect blend of classic and tastefully sensual photography. This old genre features intimate and romantic images of my clients in a studio or homely environment. Boudoir is about nudity you can show in the images and the seductive or suggestive poses.

Boudoir Photoshoot by erotic photographer

It leaves more room for the viewer’s mind to wander and transfer their imagination to fill in the blanks. I can also shoot on location for your own enjoyment and/or your partners.

I’ve done various different style of photography projects such as:

The Big Art On A Small Budget. Artistic Nudes – Body portraits showing the human body with an emphasis on form, composition and other aesthetic qualities.  The perfect way to make a nude session to experiment. All photoshoots are never rushed! We create ART using Lights, Projections, Colours and Mirror Reflections on a Nude Body.

artistic nudes, boudoir by erotic photographer

Couples Boudoir London

Couples Boudoir adventures are made for couples to reconnect and experiment, push the boundaries. Where wild fantasies become a reality in my home-based studio.

It will be my pleasure to work with you and make a photo shoot plan. I will direct and help you all the way, bringing your Fantasy ideas to life. All sessions are one to one photography experience with a female erotic photographer in London.

Threesomes with sexy models is a popular option for couples in our studio.

For Fun – I have a lot of returning clients, who don’t even really care about the photos or videos we create during our sessions, because they come for the freedom to express themselves nude and try explicit photography adventure. Some couples have never photographed with a sexy model and have an interest in trying new experiences like threesome photoshoot.

Explicit, Fetish & BDSM Photography: is a fantasy shoot available at our studio for singles and couples. Models can assist you during (dom/sub) games. Photoshoot sessions involve role-playing, bondage, penetration shots, domination, and submission. Lots of toys, props are available and suitable for the range of photoshoots. Light restrains can be added to the shot and performed with the help of the erotic photographer.

To see the full library of my latest work Click Here

The price that can’t be beaten!

As an erotic photographer, my job is to help ladies and gents to explore their sexual interests, fantasies, desires, and push the boundaries. Together we will create astonishingly beautiful sexually charged artwork.

couples boudoir by erotic photographer London

If you want to do this professionally and tastefully you will need to put a meaningful budget behind it. That’s because the prices for one of my photoshoots start at £540 and can rise depending on the extras you would like to have on the day, like a makeover, hot model service you want to book.

The studio hires models and their prices vary by individual, but usually, on the day there will be one or two model options to choose from. I can guarantee that I can find the best models who are reliable, friendly, and provide the best service and experience.

When I was working with models, selecting the ones that are client orientated, and are fun on set, also a pleasure to be around.

Personally ensuring that male and female models are able to deliver the level of service expected to make the shoot feel unique and memorable. Most photographers can’t offer this service!

This is why I believe that for the level of service you will receive, the pricing is hard to find on the market.

If you don’t want to have a shoot with the model:

When booking a photoshoot you will get an option to shoot solo, you will still have a great time in my studio. Most photographers shooting adult themes are men, and some clients would not feel comfortable having a shoot with a man.

As a female professional photographer, my job is to produce sexy imagery and film discreetly and for your use only.

erotic photographer -couples boudoir
couples explicit photography by erotic photographer

How to book erotic photoshoot in London

To book a shoot you only need to pay the deposit!

It is fair to receive the service first and Final Payment sent after you have seen the artwork we created and happy with the result. If you requested any extras such as a model, make-up and hair artist, these should be booked a week before the photoshoot takes place, then you’ll have to pay for those on the day.

If you want to get a loved one a special present they will never forget?

Why not give them a Gift Card? They can choose any of our shoots before the booking. You can order your gift card online through our website or via email. The Gift Card doe’s not expire!

To redeem the card, you need to give a code when booking your shoot on web site or to create your own project!

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