Sensual Photography with an Explicit Twist

Private photo studio, helps camera shy adults to create secret photography and videos. Hot models can make your erotic shoot even more enjoyable. We can start from usual portraits but will end with artistic nudes and erotic images of you with a model, partner, or by yourself. My clients choose to photograph with me because they have a lot of wild fantasies and sexy ideas for shoots. Not many photographers can make their dreams come true or allow them to go all the way during the shoot. Some can’t provide a model to assist the client or don’t shoot in a particular style or way.

It is easier to shoot naked than all dressed up!

I’ve noticed that people struggle a lot with nudity and their body image. They’re always thinking about their imperfections and putting on the mask makes them feel like they’re still dressed. Using this accessory we can create a stress-free atmosphere and a safe place for clients to express themselves. Putting a mask means nobody will be able to recognize you and so you can change your personality. Showcase the side of you that you’ve been afraid to show because you might be judged in some way or another.

When you’re naked in front of the camera or the mirror there’s no place you can hide! A lot of my clients, especially women make the mistake of bringing too many dresses for the shoot and then spend loads of time rushing around trying to get a photo with every outfit. This makes taking great photos a difficult process. People often forget how to undress nicely, don’t know what to do during the photoshoot, rush too much or get stuck and lose the flawless movements.

Some people feel embarrassed and awkward, so they cannot look at the camera. Also dressing up or down for people is not the usual routine for most, especially in front of the stranger. I am the person who will actually advise you and direct you through how to undress nicely. However, people should practice dressing in front of the mirror before the photoshoot and experiment with different looks.

Most of my clients have one thing in common which is that they have never done anything like this before and that makes them uneasy. Clients have told me that they’ve tried a “similar” shoot with another photographer, but felt uncomfortable during it or had concerns about how their images will be stored and used. That’s why in my studio I have various masks for clients to use during the shoot and hide their fears behind.

couples boudoir erotic photographer
couples boudoir

Explicit Couples Photoshoot Run Down:

On the day after the meet and greet, the pre-shoot consultation, and the touch-up from our make-up artist if you requested one we will start the shoot. We will perform essential photography and video as well as move on to explicit or nude parts of the shoot making sexually charged artwork.

Identity is a very big subject in erotic photography. Actually, all of my clients don’t wish to reveal theirs and are always worried about the security of the shoot. All the material that we create is for your pleasure. There are a lot of rumors about selling the videos and images online and scaring people not to go for this experience. Images and videos created in my studio are for your personal needs!

That’s why clients are very happy to wear the mask because that would guarantee that their identity will be protected. Many of them wish just to have an experience with their head and face cropped during the photoshoot. They don’t want to see their faces because of the idea that someone in the future somehow or somewhere would share this photoshoot without care and everyone they know would see their faces.

Julia Winter Studio has a privacy policy that you sign before any shoot. It states that some images maybe be used by us to showcase the photoshoot. However, images are never used without permission and they never include the client’s face. If you’re still unsure about the security of these images we over an option for clients to buy the copyrights for all of the artwork we create during the shoot. If you have any questions about the shoot please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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