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We all have intimate fantasies and hunger for a new experience.
What are couples asking when enquiring about sensual, erotic photography?


“My husband has an absolute fantasy of seeing me with another man. I see you mention that you can hire models to join you in a shoot – is that correct? Is there a process of picking the model beforehand and what kind of photos can be taken? “

London Erotic Photographer

I have never done anything like this before, so it is all a little intimidating, but I know how much my husband would love the surprise. 

One option would be a relatively straightforward shoot in the studio. That’s probably the easiest and simplest way of doing it.

Erotic BDSM Boudoir Photography

We also talked about doing it in a place that’s more public (maybe a field, a park or something more daring, which would turn us both on).

“Hi Julia
I was wondering if you could help me, my wife and I were looking to book an erotic couples shoot. We have previously done a couples boudoir and two erotic photoshoots and were looking to do a third erotic shoot. The kind of photos we wanted was a combination of erotic suggestive and real shots (done in a tasteful way). I wondered if this was something you would be willing to do and what the cost would be?
I saw on your website that you have various locations in your house and I wondered if you could provide more details on them, also is there any possibility of doing outdoor shoots or is the area too overlooked? “

I’m thinking of booking a photo session as a surprise for my husbands birthday.
I wanted to find out about the type of session you’d offer. I was thinking of having some fun/sexy/kinky domination type photos with me wearing some provocative lingerie or an outfit and he is not quite as much! It would be amazing to have some photos of him on the receiving end of some kinky domination, humiliation and punishment!
Is this the type of thing you could offer, and also based on past experience would you have any similar ideas that could help? It would be amazing if a little surprise present for him! Please, can you reply to advise what’s possible?”

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