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If you’ve always wanted to try boudoir, then this is a perfect place to find out more. Julia Winter Studio is located in West London and provides wide range of erotic photography, so what are you waiting for?!

Contact Julia, to discuss your ideal boudoir photo shoot over the phone, Zoom, or a cup of coffee. We’ll get to know one another, talk about your dream photo shoot and start planning all of the exciting details. It’s about time you did something extraordinary for yourself, and this is just that something.

We are very understanding and respectful of privacy and want you to feel comfortable, relaxed and confident throughout the entire experience.

What do we need to bring to the shoot?

DO YOU PROVIDE THE OUTFITS AND PROPS? The studio is fully equipped and professionally setup for boudoir photography, glamour makeovers, dating portfolio, has fetish and BDSM scenes and outfits. Changing room for clients has a mini bar, and various outfits for ladies mostly and few for gents. As well as numerous props and toys to play with. 

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school girl adult fantasy

Clients are more than welcome to bring their own outfits or favourite toys to the studio, if there’s something specific that they want to shoot. We usually discuss details before the photoand video session, and also during the consultation we decide all the looks and details, so that you know what to expect and how we are going to go about creating your erotic fantasy photoshoot. 

WARDROBE for erotic photography

Most of the time confident people know what they like and know what looks good on them and makes you feel sexy, which is why I ask you to bring a wide variety of wardrobe choices. But is you are shy then I will guide you and help you with that decision. I tell every woman to bring her favorite lingerie, and at least one solid bra and panty set, but really, the sky is the limit.

Don’t limit yourself to just underwear. This is a time to have fun and experiment, try something you’ve always wanted to wear, but never had a chance. Your favourite little dress, cosiest sweater, superhero underwear, lace corset, latex jumpsuit, you name it… I could keep going, but you get the idea.  

Depending on the scenarios I do suggest you bring more than you think you will need or want, and during our pre photoshoot consultations, we can discuss your wardrobe. 

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Erotic photoshoot Plan

1.    Do some erotic shots with a suit or pilot with cock out, lady could be behind me with hand on cock or something.  Maybe lady kneeling?

2.    Put jeans on and do a macro shot with flies open and cock showing and maybe ladies hand and red fingernails.  Maybe not jeans but use same pilot suit so no changing.  Macro shot similar to above.  Could put coloured band on cock too?

3.    Do some shots on a bed with underpants on and hand down underpants mine or lady’s and clasping a pillow to my face.

erotic photographer
couples boudoir explicit

4.    Do a similar shot on bed with large amount of cum on tummy and more close up with lady’s hand with red fingernails but black and white.  Cock and ball tied with white shoelace or chrome chain instead. 

5.    Macro of a nipple with ladies finger.

Erotic shots You can not make by yourself

6.    Do a shot of bum face down with numbers or arrows on bum.  Cock and balls showing between legs

Move on to more close up explicit.

7.    Use opportunity of hidden cock, maybe a black cross of bondage tape across genitals and possibly ladies arm/hand.

erotic photographer for boudoir London
couples boudoir

8.    Paint bum all black or both buttocks with numbers or black and white (1 off these) and a snake head appearing out of anus and lady beckoning snake to come out of bum using her fingers our tongue near snake head..

9.    Macro shot of erect cock using cock ring and maybe just ladies red finger.

10. A few cock and ball shots in different positions while cock ring is on and using lady.  Just play with some shots or ideas.  I like the ones with cock tucked behind legs.  Could add some more cum.

11. Macro of head of vertical erect cock with ladies finger on top.  Black and white with coloured fingernail.

erotic photographer
couples boudoir

12. A vertical erect cock with honey being poured over it.  Or pour over fake cum running down all down cock like a waterfall.

13. A vertical erect cock painted white and a wick in cock so it looks like a candle.  Lady could look as though she is lighting wick in my cock with a lit match.

14. Finally a real cum shot using an endoscope inside the cock to see the first wave of cum coming out of the urethra.  Can test to see if this will work before cum shot.  If not, a different cum shot maybe with ladies hand squeezing out cum like milking shot?

15. Short video of cock/balls/prostate being massaged.

erotic photographer
couples boudoir

Artistic Nude Photography

One of us is not very comfortable with nudity and doesn’t know how to pose:

You don’t need to be naked to have an erotic photoshoot! I think that leaving a part of you covered could be more interesting, and stimulate imagination, than showing everything. 

Posing and guidance is the biggest concern for my clients, but please don’t worry. I will guide you throughout the session and give you clear and precise instructions, showing how to pose and how to look, from your facial expression to the placement of your hands fingers. 

erotic photographer london
couples boudoir
How should we prepare once we have booked a shoot? 

You will get a reminder 3-5days before the shoot. We will confirm the ideas and details then. Studio sessions are booked in time slots, so we can shoot anything you brought and what you like in that time frame; as to not breach health and safety guidelines. 

How far can we go? How explicit can we be during the shoot? 

So, you do not need to decide now how far you want to go, as this will be clear when the shoot takes place. These things should happen naturally! For your information I do not have limits and recommend nudity and explicit shots.

best Surprise – Photoshoot with the model

This is a very new experience available to book. Recommended to shoot sexual fantasy photoshoots. Also, with the model you will be able to shoot the scenes that are not possible to make on your own.

If you are shy and nervous, model will make you feel relaxed and distract you during the shoot. Models will be after makeover/groomed, well dressed, wearing sexy outfits. Models will take the lead and simplify the session, take erotic explicit photoshoot pressure away.

If you have a worry about what to do during the shoot?- we have a solution for that. Photoshoot with the model will simplify the concept and bring many erotic fantasy ideas for life! So is you having trouble to find a unique gift, that this is the one not really heard off!

Photography Gift Card

The model will know what to do and this can be the best idea for a loved one or a shy friend to try out. This is the best part as you do not need to care about anything, just tell us what you want this shoot to be about. We will discuss the shooting plan with and then the photographer will find you the best model match. Everything will be taken away from your hands, to make your erotic photoshoot experience stress free. Our gift experience for men are thoughtful, unique, and sure to bring him joy with everything in-between – this present will truly be the best one yet!
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Studio Photoshoot Offer

There is many background areas and selection of furniture available in the studio for your shoot. Large studio and wardrobe – make up area. We do not like to limit ourself to just for few shots in lingerie, we like details and different lighting, we suggest posing and accessories accompany the outfit like: belly chain, flirting handcuffs, necklace choker, fishnet, leather, belts, black lace corset, latex, rubber jumpsuit, stockings, high heels and more to finish the look.. Get in touch and we will talk about your fantasy photo shoot and start planning all of the exciting details.

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erotic photographer

sexual experience – about dark side

Are You Ready To Find Out The AMAZING Things You Could Do with female photographer Julia Winter in west London Studio? The Photographer is helping and advising on what model will be best for your adventure. Model bookings will start 2 weeks before the shoo takes place. To avoid disappointment in case this model, travels or become unavailable. You will get to see your models by emailed images. Also, will be a choice of few, to pick from, who can assist you on the day.

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Dating Photography / Engagement Photography / Couples Boudoir Photography, shooting with hot models and much more, discover sexual nirvana for yourself with Julia Winter Studio photographer.

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