Why do Couples want boudoir & explicit photoshoots?

Hi there, erotic photoshoots and art lovers!

Most of my couples are bored from standard staged studio boudoir shoots in the background, they want riskier sets and scenarios and more adult adventures on the day! This is very simple, as with the internet we have access to erotica and porn, many couples do want to try this experience for them selfs, what it takes to do such an experience like erotic boudoir and explicit photoshoots and video session. And most importantly, when photography is all about getting aroused, couples feel so stimulated, that having sex scenes on the day is just the right thing to do.

MG juliawinterstudio
MG juliawinterstudio photoshoots

Threesome – shoot with a sexy model

To start you would describe to me what sort of man/lady you would like to take you on set… in detail, you tell me what makes you aroused, and what you would like to do with him/her… and then your partner must watch, and you look into his/her eyes as the sexy model brings you to orgasm, but you must only watch. 

Then after, you both must be alone, and take your partner strongly with all the desire to win you back again!

Couples boudoir photography and videos at my home-based studio. People today are coming for more and are interested in the sensual photoshoot with male or female models, lesbians, gays, trans models! So if you have courage, get in touch to find your best match for the shooting day.

Take a plunge and jump to shoot!

And I will catch you if you fall!

People, in general, are very nervous when they committing to the nude explicit photoshoot session, and that is a normal effect. As you have never done anything like that before! At my studio, I take responsibility to guide you and lead you through the adult sexual exploration process. Sensual Photography for many of you is a known term, like the boudoir, glamour makeovers, couples choose boudoir but I always thought, that couples would like going deeper into the experience as it is always more fun, and I was right. Body portraits, nudes, and explicit photos and videos with hot models is my top photoshoots topic.

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glamour photo london MG
glamour photo London MG photoshoots

Breaking through the fear of photoshoots

Some people would say that I am a pervert, arranging the sex scenes, to watch others. Perversion is a negative term for self-knowledge… to expose yourself is profoundly exciting and arousing… And some people are not there yet, and not sure where I will finish, but to start your development in sexuality you have to let go of the handrail of security and feel happy to let yourself fall.

I have created this service as I knew deep inside that everyone is going through an inner crisis! Yes – everyone with no exceptions… – it was not until recently when I became 40 that I have wanted to explore and develop myself which was why my web profile looked interesting. And if you have always been quite controlled up until then, and with all honest quite narrow in your thoughts, feelings, and desires. Now you can be at a stage where, you wish to explore sensuality further, open your mind, and investigate why and what is stopping you? To explore fears and desires and kinks and become more understanding of what excites and motivates you at my studio is the fastest way to self-development… it will be later reflected in all areas!

So if now this fear and intimidation excite you because you want to challenge that and try to break through it, saying hello to me would be your first uncomfortable step.

Erotic Photography In London

As far as I know, I am the only feel inviting for such explicit and liberate adventure. Sex scenes are a must and give a flavour to every set we shoot. Very important not to lose control and hold your horses!

At the studio, they can see their bodies performing and acting out in various erotic fantasy scenarios and support each other by expressing feelings on the set. At the studio, everyone can have fun and educate them themselves on the topic they never tried before, like submission or domination photography. If couples are into boudoir and sensual photography I am going to push them to get out of the comfort zone and get into the chains, into the leather or latex suit, and take a whip and maybe use restrains. Your partner might be surprised and not really approving, but that is only a play, a different game for both of you at my studio, and everyone must experiment and see for themselves, how it is to be on another side! And in this way, couples always connect on another level. Go to the gallery to see more

glamour photo london MG
glamour photo london MG

sensual submission and domination photography

Hi, my name is Julia Winter, and at my studio couples can try sensual as well as dominatrix scenes and scenarios, play adult games and enjoy themselves trying new things. We discuss shooting details and ideas prior to the session and create sexual art in a free-flow style photoshoot.

I let my clients go and explore toys, props, change into crazy and kinky outfits, using my lights to stimulate the adventure. Sexual emotions are the goal of every scene, as I need to believe they are really into it and enjoying the moment. It is not easy to experiment, but as soon as I give them the idea for the scene and this scenario, my couples quickly go into the taste and improvise to the best ability they can. I have a cage set at the studio, where they can restrain and take turns during sub and dom photoshoots scenarios.

julia winter studio photography
julia winter studio photography

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