Erotic Photography for Couples in London

We are conservative people in most aspects of life. We have an amazing sex life – genuinely amazing –  derived from a profound emotional bond that brings us together as lovers and soul mates.  We want to explore so much of each other and our bodies in bed, but might be within clear boundary conditions that promote the sanctity of our love and passion for one another.  And so one of those boundaries is that erotic films are simply not part of your life, and neither of you know the industry or really all that much about it. 

Couples Explicit Photography 

“And that leads to your enquiry to commemorate 20 years as lovers and sex partners and to inspire passion and creativity for another 20 years and more to come, my wife and I would like to make our own erotic film – with just the two of us and for our viewing only.  But we want to do this professionally and tastefully, and are willing to put a meaningful budget behind it as a project.  Ideally we would like to hire a professional to produce it and have it professionally filmed and edited.  But, again, completely private and for our use only. 

I have no idea where to go for something like this, but I saw your website and thought maybe this is something you would do.  An element of still photography to go with it would also be fantastic. “

If you found my profile, credentials and website to be very tasteful and inspiring and to be honest, would love to find someone like me to work with on this project, get in touch. 
Thanks in advance.  I look forward to hearing back. 

Domination and Fetish Photography

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