Erotic couples photography in London

Urging you to your first EROTIC COUPLES SHOOT!

The creative and open-minded female artist loves to experiment and push the boundaries of my own as well as my clients. Experimenting threesome with hot models at my private adult studio.

Shooting with no limits!

Arranging all sorts of erotic adventures with sexy models. Recording the moments of your sexual Fantasies without judging them.

MG juliawinterstudio
Nude – erotic photographer for a couple
Are you ready to find out what is holding You back?

Overcoming bad programming from childhood – Being ourselves Is an ultimate goal. To Rebel and not to match – everyone’s expectations. This session is about Learning to tap deep into Yourself, from the back door!

Why this adventure is not for you – is here


So if you’ve to procrastinate all that time? 

I am an artist, very open-minded and enjoy all sorts of erotic adventures. So If You want to do this professionally and tastefully? – and willing to put a meaningful budget behind it?

Ideally, hire a professional to produce an erotic fantasy shoot and have it captured and filmed. But, again, completely private and for your use only?

Couples Erotic Fantasy shoot

Together we will be Creating intimate, very personal, sensual, and explicit images and videos.

We can shoot at the studio as well as any other location. Beautiful sceneries of the river Thames is on the doorstep of the studio for an outdoor photoshoot.

julia winter studio london boudoir
julia winter studio – London couples explicit boudoir

Each photography package will be hand-tailored and prices vary depending on the content explicit level of the images and the photoshoot requirements, recommended for true adventurers, as well as the ones who like it at a slower pace.

To book a shoot only a £200 deposit is required – pay after you have seen and loved the Art Work we made!

All the shots we make will be yours.


erotic couples boudoir

Guaranteed to blow you away and fulfil your naughty fantasies! No hidden charges. Advanced bookings preferred. From Boudoir to Explicit Fantasy Photoshoots. 

I hope it will inspire you to connect with your partner and get in love with your body! Your body, what will give you exquisite sexual pleasure in return, and that is important.

julia winter studioerotic photographer London
julia winter studio erotic photographer London

Feeling that juiciness and deliciousness and slipperiness could be super intoxicating! It is not about faking anything during an erotic photoshoot but giving your body support.

Recording the moment of your sensation without judging it, in the present moment. Feeling and memorizing the stimulation experience.

erotic photographer London
erotic photographer London

This is the time to tune into your sensations like you would do it for the very first time, as it will be new when shooting with a hot model beside you.

Surrender to the sexual experience and I know this is a tricky one for most of us, this is not something that you just click your fingers and it happens.

But this is a process you will learn at Julia Winter Studio with your Erotic Photographer. Reasonably priced, affordable, professional, and discreet friendly photo and video service.

Threesome – nude couples photography

When you say yes to sexual experience and when you invite it with your mind and body during the photoshoot with a hot and sexy model. Threesome experience is when a part you really scanning your body and when finding where you are holding back, releasing it…

Are you both willing and leading yourself to the sexual body to body analysis? This process is virtually unexplored and sexual feeling is tucked in behind somewhere.

julia winter studioerotic photographer London
julia winter studio erotic photography London

Together with your erotic photographer,

you peel all those layers of you…

Whatever the reason may be, I recommend for everyone try an erotic photoshoot experience with the model at least once. And when the shoot is finished, 

what will happen after the shoot?

You will see your raw images converted to JPGs online and decide if you are happy to send the payment for the shoot you had. at your convenience, analyze what we captured, and choose your final 30 best selections on the same link. 

In the first stage of the postproduction, I go through the shoot. apply the basic edit and send you the link to your gallery of about 300 images.

julia winter studio erotic photographer London text BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER LONDON julia winter studio
julia winter studio erotic photographer London text BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER LONDON julia winter studio

I will start post-production on the images when you send the final payment. Images will be sent on USB via signed post, you will also get access to them online.

At Julia Winter Studio we have special days bit covered – gifts on special Days, such as a Birthday, Bridal or an anniversary. And you want your partner to light up when he or she receives that present from you!

julia winter studioerotic photographer London
julia winter studio erotic photographer London

A sensual or explicit boudoir photo shoot at the studio that keeps it classy, sexy, and fun! Let us inspire you with body confidence tips, posing ideas, sexy outfits, and props.


With love, xxx


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