Best Valentine’s Day Gift – Couples Erotic Shoot

For couples, ladies of all ages, and single men – you are never too old to gift a bit of Ooh la la! 

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  Time to dust those cobwebs from your sexiest outfit, ready to wow your knight in shinning armour! So, take a break from all those mundane tasks and start planning how you will show him a bit of T.L.C!  

Traditionally, we exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day to reflect the commitment of our love, so will you spoil him by sharing your intimate secrets over a candlelit dinner or a weekend away in some swanky hotel complete with a four-post bed just made for love?

May I suggest the perfect creative gift for your boyfriend? Any man would be delighted with a sexy surprise of a Sensual Glamour shoot of his beautiful girlfriend or wife. Reminding him how lucky he is and how truly hot you are!

Try a bit harder then that, go nude, go explicit, go sexy!

Guys, it’s not just you that like to receive sexy photos. Girls love them to! So why not to surprise her with a Valentine’s Day Gift of a seductive photo album of you? Don’t feel comfortable getting naked in front of a male photographer? How about a female erotic photographer? My name is Julia and I’ve been an adult photographer for 15 years. I’ve seen and done it all, so trust me when I say you’ll have fun with me!

For both of you, an erotic photo shoot capturing his love and lust for you in his eyes!  Who knows, Valentines Day did evolve from a Roman Fertility Festival called Lupercalia, cupid’s arrow may work its magic for you and you could be back for a new baby shoot in 9 months time! – just joking but it did happen for me before.

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