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Welcome to MY photo STUDIO

The Photographic Studio is home – based and located in a private secure development in London, Richmond area. Professionally Setup and fully equipped, it has a changing room for clients to prep, change and style the images before the shoot. The studio has backdrops and designer furniture, also domestic scenes sets are up for various fantasy scenarios. Studio is available for Boudoir Portraits, Dating and Escort Portfolios. Glamour Makeovers and Bridal Boudoir Sessions, Dudoir and Fitness Photoshoots. Also, Fantasy sessions with erotic photographer for nude couples boudoir and explicit couples photography. Photoshoots with sexy male and female models. Fetish shots with BDSM sets.

Great photography shouldn’t be so hard. with Erotic Photographer it isn’t
erotic photographer in london

Many of you have your individual ideas and inspirations, and I am glad that your search brings you here. On behalf of Julia Erotic Studio, I am delighted to welcome you. I am Julia and I could be your photographer.
To ensure that we share the same ideas and I will take images to full fill your expectations,
the detailed brief will be asked, before any major work is undertaken. Please speak frankly and fully, send me all the details, let’s save each others time!

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What do we need to bring to the shoot? Do you provide the outfits and props?

The studio is fully equipped and professionally set up, with a changing room for clients, and has various outfits for ladies mostly and a few for gents. As well as numerous props to play with.
Clients are more than welcome to bring their own outfits or toys to the studio if there’s something specific that they want to shoot. We usually discuss details before the shoot, and also during the consultation, so that you know what to expect and how we are going to go about creating your fantasy photoshoot.

Is our photoshoot private? Will you share our images online?

The only people that will be present during the shoot are me and the beauty artist or model if agreed upon in advance. All the images will be held private, as I NEVER shared pictures of my clients with the face, without permission! I keep the right to use parts of the images, where you can not be recognized to update my personal website with the artwork created.
If I would like to have an NDA shoot, this needs to be agreed upon in advance with the photographer. And you will pay extra for the copyrights.

I do not look like a model, can I still have a good session? Do you edit your photos?

Everyone is beautiful! It’s my job to show you how beautiful you are.  My clients are between 25 to 60+ years old with various bodies and they trust me to create breath-taking images of them.
All final photos are edited, but I do not like extreme retouching. Like changing your face or your body completely. I prefer to use different poses and lighting to give your images perspective and illusion and only correct small imperfections such as pimples, small scars, or bruises. If you want to remove a tattoo or bigger retouching work on your photos, let me know on the day or prior to the shoot.

One of us is not comfortable with nudity and doesn’t know how to pose?

You don’t need to be naked to have an erotic photoshoot! I think that leaving a part of you covered could be more interesting, and stimulate imagination, than showing everything. Posing and guidance is the biggest concern for my clients, but please don’t worry. I will guide you throughout the session and give you clear and precise instructions, showing how to pose and how to look, from your facial expression to the placement of your hand’s fingers.

How far can we go? How explicit can we be during the shoot?

– you do not need to decide now how far you want to go, this will be clear when the shoot takes place. These things should happen naturally! For your information, I do not have limits and recommend nudity and explicit shots. Penetration photoshoots and cum shots.

How should we prepare once we have booked a shoot?

You will get a reminder 3-5days before the shoot. We will confirm the ideas and details then. Studio sessions are booked in time slots, so we can shoot anything you brought and what you like in that time frame; as to not breach health and safety guidelines.

about buying a Makeover service

For your wife or girlfriend, beauty professionals are available to book to feel glamorous and confident before the shoot, for that you need bespoke makeovers. Maybe you like to have a glass of bubbly to relax before the shoot, please let us know, how you like to prepare before the photo shoot. Makeup artist and Hairstylist will be waiting for you to arrive at the studio or can travel to the location shoot. This service is also booked in advance, so please allow 2 hours for your makeover. The best advice to match your skin tone, complexity, outfits, etc will be given before the service. When the makeover will finish you can ask to stay with you to refresh and make updates during the session for your make-up and hair, taking into account the outfits you would wear on the day of your photoshoot.

about buying a gift card

julia winter studio erotic photographer London text BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER LONDON julia winter studio
julia winter studio erotic photographer London text BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER LONDON julia winter studio

THE GIFT CARD DOES NOT EXPIRE! There are many occasions when you find yourself looking for that very special gift. Spending days searching for something she or he never had? – the best present is a special surprise! With Erotic Photographer we have this bit covered – gifts on special Days, such as a Birthday, Valentine’s, Christmas, or anniversary. And you want your partner to light up when he/she receives that gift from you! So what to get a man who has everything? – get him a gift card for the best experience ever – a Fantasy Shoot! And to spice things up, choose the Model to assist on that special adventure. Book a Fantasy photo shoot with a hot model!  Book You Gift Card

Photoshoot with the model

A photoshoot with the model can be arranged for the day and time it is convenient for you. Straight and Bisexual, Gay models are available to book. This is a very new experience recommended to shoot sexual fantasy photoshoots. If you are shy and nervous, the model will make you feel relaxed and distract you during the shoot. Also, with the model, you will be able to shoot the scenes you are not able to make. Models will be after makeover-groomed, well dressed, wearing sexy outfits. Models will take the lead and take pressure away. If you will worry about what to do, the model will know what is the shoot is about, as he will discuss the shooting plan with the photographer. Everything will be taken away from your hands, to have an erotic photoshoot experience stress-free. All the models are very respectful, young, sexy, fit, polite, friendly, professional on the day. Photo and video service with the model.

The studio is hiring models on your behalf, according to your photoshoot requirements for the day booking is confirmed. The photographer is helping and advising on what model will be best for your adventure. Model bookings will start 2 weeks before the shoo takes place. To avoid disappointment in case this model travels or becomes unavailable. You will get to see your models by emailed images. Also, will be a choice of few, to pick from, who can assist you on the day. Choosing the model and the model service is also important. You must decide for yourself how far you would like to go. Models can provide, hand model service, Tantric nude body to body massage, and Girlfriend and Boyfriend service. Models will be ready and arrive before the photoshoot. Also can travel to a location around the UK. Some models can travel Internationally.


It is easier to shoot all dressed up than naked!

I’ve noticed that people struggle a lot with nudity and their body image. They’re always thinking about their imperfections and putting on the mask makes them feel like they’re still dressed. Using this accessory we can create a stress-free atmosphere and a safe place for clients to express themselves. Putting on a mask means nobody will be able to recognize you and so you can change your personality. Showcase the side of you that you’ve been afraid to show because you might be judged in some way or another.

When you’re naked in front of the camera or the mirror there’s no place you can hide! A lot of my clients, especially women make the mistake of bringing too many dresses for the shoot and then spend loads of time rushing around trying to get a photo with every outfit. This makes taking great photos a difficult process. People often forget how to undress nicely, don’t know what to do during the photoshoot, rush too much or get stuck and lose flawless movements.

Some people feel embarrassed and awkward, so they cannot look at the camera. Also dressing up or down for people is not the usual routine for most, especially in front of strangers. I am the person who will actually advise you and direct you through how to undress nicely. However, people should practice dressing in front of the mirror before the photoshoot and experiment with different looks.

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